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Devon Sims is the Executive Assistant to Wealth Advisor and her Mother, Deb Sims. Devon is honored to be a part of Estate Management Group and their launch of Engaging Women in Wealth. 

Devon began her career with Estate Management Group in 2009. Devon’s mission is to provide Clients, Associates and Community with a welcoming and supportive environment for education, authentic discussions and thoughtful, comprehensive problem-solving and solutions. 

Like Deb, Devon is passionate about motivating women of all ages to get more involved. Women are redefining what it means to be investors with passion and purpose. For Devon, it is a constant refocusing of our values, principles and goals. She feels this is truly an exciting time to be an empowered Woman on Wall Street!

As a proud- native San Diegan, Devon enjoys her time spent in her novels, community and animal activism and walks with her Finance’ and dog, all over San Diego, California.